Are You in the Mood for a Different Kind of Holiday This Year?

If you’re sick of going to the same old places during the holidays year after year, it might be time to do something different. It’s easy enough to go the same places because they’re familiar and comfortable but a good holiday should also be stimulating. In recent years, self-guided holidays have really become popular. These types of holidays offer a unique experience that is largely under the control of the holiday makers.

Why a Cycling Holiday Might Just Be for You

Cycling holidays have become a popular way to see places such as Europe. Rather than relying on tour buses, cycling holidays are completely self-guided based on a variety of routes that offer a variety of challenges. If this sounds appealing and you’re wondering how can I find cycling trips in France, the good news is that a number of travel agents offer these kinds of self-guided tours.

The Benefits of a Cycling Holiday

Lots of people swear by cycling holidays but if you’ve never been on one, you might be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Here are some of the benefits of going on a cycling holiday in a region such as France:

  • Stimulation: It might seem counterintuitive at first but one of the hallmarks of a memorable holiday is that it was stimulating in some way. By learning new things, engaging in new cultures, and engaging in the physical aspects of a holiday, one can build memories that last for a lifetime. Simply sitting on a deck chair and watching the world go by generally doesn’t result in a stimulating experience. In this context, cycling holidays offer a huge amount. Not only is one physically stimulated through exercise but one can also experience the excitement of a new culture first-hand.
  • Exercise: If you’re the type of person who actually likes exercise on your holidays, a cycling holiday might just be for you. Whether you’re a hardened fitness freak or you just want the lightest exercise, a cycling holiday can be tailored just for you. There are cycling tours that take in the gentle rural areas of France at a slow pace and others that offer physical challenges through mountainous regions.
  • Immersion: Have you ever wanted to simply immerse yourself in a new culture? When you go on regular bus tours, you have to do it with a host of other people. You don’t have control and cultural immersion is tough. When you go on a cycling tour, you’re doing it at your own pace and experiencing the country from the seat of a bicycle. This means that you’re getting out there in the gentle breeze and placing yourself at the centre of a new culture.

Make Your Next Holiday a Memorable One

If you’re sick of going to the same old places over and over again, a cycling holiday offers plenty of great new experiences. They are stimulating, allow freedom, and promote cultural immersion.

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