Where Can You Go Hiking in Greece?

Hiking is a hobby that people can take up for a number of reasons. Some people simply enjoy being around nature and seeing the sights that it has to offer. Other people find hiking as a way to get some exercise that you won’t be able to get as easily anywhere else. After all, nothing really beats the activity of walking up a hill and being able to see the ground below you as you take a break. While some people are completely satisfied with taking a walk around their local parks, some people want to take things a step further, quite literally. If you think that taking a hike through a country and seeing the sights that it has to offer is something that you’d find enjoyable, you might find walking holidays to be a wonderful thing.

When it comes to walking holidays, you can go just about anywhere in the world. From hiking through the wilderness of Finland to walking holidays in Greece that take you through the islands, you will surely find a place to go that suits you. Some people don’t want to hike for more than four hours a day and would rather stay away from the mountains. This allows for more time and energy to see the sights and towns around them. However, other people would much rather push their limits, walking for nearly seven hours a day through a mountainous region. You will be able to find a walking holiday that suits your preferences.

Where Can You Go?

Some people want to take it easy during their walking holidays. They would rather spend the majority of their day examining the town, landscape, and history behind the ground they stand on. Thankfully, there are walking tours that allow you to do just that. Some walking holidays will take you from Athens toward the islands of Poros and Hydra, allowing you to see the sights and the ocean around you without pushing your limits. This can leave you with the breathless sight of what the islands have to offer without taking away your breath in the process.

On the other hand, if you are interested in seeing just how much you can accomplish in a single day, there are walking holidays that are designed to push you to your limits. For example, you might find yourself walking around 17 kilometres over six hours as you walk through the walled footpaths through the villages of Lamira and Messaria. Not only will you be getting your exercise in but you will also be able to see the history of the land and sights that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

Why Should You Consider a Walking Holiday?

Choosing to go on a walking holiday is a way to spend a week that you will never forget. Not only will you be able to spend time with nature and see the world around you but you will also be able to look at sights that are priceless to see in person. Whether you are looking at the sea surrounding the Isles or you are looking at the monastery of Panachrantou, you will be able to create memories that you can share with your friends, family, and anyone who is interested in seeing the sights that Greece has to offer.

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